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Businesses Balk at Baltimore’s Minimum Wage Bill

Russ Causey chose Baltimore nearly 20 years ago to start a customer service call center serving colleges, but the CEO said Tuesday he has started working with an office leasing broker to prepare to leave.

A $15 minimum-wage mandate passed by the City Council on Monday will put his CMD Outsourcing Solutions Inc. at an insurmountable disadvantage, Causey said. Many of his national competitors pay less than the average $13.20 per hour CMD Outsourcing pays to its 120 to 150 mostly unskilled workers, many of whom are city residents who benefit from training that leads to better jobs.

“We’re a business the city should be embracing,” Causey said. “… We want to pay as much as we possibly can for the jobs we have. I’m already at a significant competitive disadvantage, and this change with the city would take that over the edge.”

Read the full article from The Baltimore Sun.


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