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Monumental Helicopters Announces FAA Certification as an Air Carrier to Provide On-Demand Charter Service

monumental-helicoptersTipton Airport
7505 General Aviation Drive
Suite 1 Hanger 84
Fort Meade, MD 20755
Contact Information: Seth Clute 410-491-4354

Monumental Helicopters Announces FAA Certification as an Air Carrier to Provide On-Demand Charter Service


(Baltimore, MD) Monumental Helicopters is proud to announce the Federal Aviation Administration has certified Monumental Helicopters as an Air Carrier and authorized them to conduct passenger and cargo carrying operations on demand. The authorization allows Monumental Helicopters to fly passengers anywhere in the local 48 states including Washington D.C.

Monumental Helicopters operates the Robinson R44, a three-passenger helicopter able to fly for up to 2 1⁄2 hours at over 100 mph. The helicopter can land at any airport, heliport, large field or clearing for convenient, safe, and fast transportation throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Monumental is authorized to operate in the DC Flight Restricted Zone to pick up or drop off passengers at College Park Airport, Potomac Airpark, or Washington Hyde Executive Airport in support of customers in the DC area.

Monumental Helicopters is a full helicopter service provider of charter services, tours of Baltimore and Annapolis, and helicopter flight instruction. We also provide aerial photography/video services for the greater Washington DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis area operating out of Tipton Airport since 2012.

For more information on Monumental Helicopters, please visit monumentalhelicopters.com or call 410-491-4354. Monumental Helicopters is a member of Helicopter Association International, and the newly combined regional Chamber of Commerce, made up of the former Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber and the former West County Chamber.



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