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Maglev Between D.C. And Baltimore? MTA Embarks On Environmental Study

Maryland has taken a critical step that will determine if the state, working with a private sector partner, will build a high-speed magnetic levitation train, or maglev, connecting Baltimore and Washington — the kind of high-speed transport that exists in some Asian countries but nowhere in the United States.

The Maryland Transit Administration has started an environmental impact study of potential routes connecting the two cities, a key part of the approval process that is expected to take more than two years. A final decision on whether to build a maglev line, where trains float above a magnetic guideway, is expected to be made in three to five years and will involve other factors, such as economic impact and the availability of financing.

“We are very serious. We are the only state that is doing this,” said Suhair Al Khatib, the MTA’s deputy administrator.

Read the full article from WAMU.


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