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City of Laurel Launches Improved Website


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City of Laurel Launches Improved Website

Mayor Craig A. Moe is excited to announce that the City of Laurel has launched its newly enhanced website. It happened live at the Mayor and City Council Meeting on July 11, 2016..

You can find it at cityoflaurel.org and right away you’ll notice it has an exciting, brand new eye catching color scheme and graphic look!


  • Visitors to the website will find easier tab navigation throughout the site.
  • It now has easy access portals for residents and businesses.
  • Best of all, cityoflaurel.org is now mobile friendly and you can follow us with ease on your desktop, tablet or phone.

At the unveiling, City of Laurel Webmaster James Cornwell-Shiel says it took about a year to revamp the website and it was well worth it.

“It’s just cleaner, and easier to use,” Cornwell-Shiel says. “We want visitors to the site to enjoy the experience so they’ll keep coming back for more.”

Many of the features that City web visitors have come to love will continue, including the complete annual City Budget and Capital Improvements Program, a bright banner across the page highlighting emergencies, press releases, volunteer opportunities, and the minutes and agendas for all the government and commission meetings.

Mayor Moe says,“ it’s been six years since we freshened up our website. A lot has changed and our new website reflects that, “Moe says. “I think residents will like what they see and have an easier time finding the information they’re looking for about all Laurel has to offer.”

So log onto cityoflaurel.org and check out the new website which was designed with you in mind. Just one more way we’re bringing government to the people in Laurel.


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