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Townshend Honors Fort Meade Garrison Commander Col. Brian Foley

BTownshend and FoleyWCC President/CEO Walt Townshend, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Membership, made a presentation to Fort Meade Commander Col. Brian P. Foley at his recent farewell luncheon.  Townshend lauded Foley’s leadership for the United States’ third largest Army base, which in reality is a DoD campus with 117 tenant agencies and over 54,000 daily commuters.  Seven of the nine major cyber agencies are located at Fort Meade.  Townshend, who presented a caricature of Col. Foley as Captain America, remarked:  “Indeed, Col. Foley is our very own Captain America, leading Fort Meade to be the Pre-eminent Center for Information, Intelligence and Cyber Operations. America must defend its interests on land, sea, air and in space, but a fifth frontier has emerged: cyberspace.   We are at the epicenter of cyber not only in America, but the world. Thank you Col. Foley, for your service to our country, and to this region.”



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