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CMRT Launches New Transportation Resource Information Point (TRIP) Website

TRIP LogoCentral Maryland Regional Transit (CMRT) has launched a completely redesigned and dramatically improved website to serve public transit customers with easy access to information about transportation options across the state of Maryland.

The website improvements launched include:

  • A new trip planner is front and center on the homepage, with compatibility across desktop and mobile web browsers. The trip planner continues to be powered by Google Maps, the leader in fixed-route public transit trip planning. Over the past year, CMRT has created and launched General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) feeds for locally-operated transit systems across the state of Maryland, all of which are accessible through the trip planner.
  • An enhanced transit directory builds upon national best practices in assisting people with disabilities and older adults to find accessible transportation options that meet their individual needs. The transit directory now includes fixed-route and human services transportation options across the state of Maryland.
  • An interactive regional map powered by ArcGIS plots fixed public transit routes of more than 20 agencies across the state of Maryland, from Allegany County to Ocean City. Customers can input an address to see where public transit services are available near their home, workplace, or any important destination.
  • The new website uses responsive design, which enables it to scale for use on smartphones and tablets with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. This feature will prove immensely helpful for individuals who rely on a mobile device for access to the internet.
  • A built-in translation tool allows users of limited English proficiency to access website content in approximately 100 different languages.
Plan Your Next TRIP

Founded in 1987, as a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, CMRT has been a leader in public transportation education and advocacy in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor for nearly three decades.


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