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Bobby Neall, Agent of Change

A more efficient government. Who hasn’t dreamed of such a thing? What politician hasn’t run on the repeated refrain, however tangentially, that government should run more like a business? What candidate hasn’t touted their private-sector credentials as proof of electability?

The truth is that private business isn’t a good model for operating a representative democracy — they’re as different as a car mechanic and a neurosurgeon. After all, you wouldn’t want a brain surgeon changing the timing belt on your 2007 Honda Odyssey. Even more so, would you happily submit to a car mechanic removing a brain tumor? Probably not.

Public service is its own unique pursuit, and while we may bemoan “career politicians,” there’s something to be said for men and women who are specialized in understanding the complicated interplay of our government institutions.

Read the full article from the Frederick News-Post.


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