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Hogan ‘can’t imagine how anyone could vote against’ proposed tax cuts

Tax cuts plans Gov. Larry Hogan offered Tuesday were so modest and mainstream that the worst a Democratic Party spokesman could say about them was that two copied proposals by Democrats and Hogan didn’t say how he would pay for them.

The $480 million in tax relief spread out over five years targets tax breaks for new manufacturing, businesses, retirees, and families making less than $53,000.

“I can’t imagine any member of the legislature from any party having a problem with providing tax relief to retirees on fixed incomes, struggling working families, or struggling small businesses,” Hogan told reporters. The people of Maryland are demanding tax relief and “Anyone that isn’t favor of that probably doesn’t deserve to be in the legislature. I can’t imagine how anyone who could vote against common sense measures.”

Read full article here from MarylandReporter.com


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