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BWCC member Dr. Florin Selaru was recently featured in Chesapeake Physician Magazine

The Rise of Direct Primary Care

By Linda Harder

Tired of fee-for-service medicine but not interested in the concierge model? Today there’s a new option that may embrace the best of outpatient/primary care from both the patient and physician perspective.

U.S. healthcare has become prohibitively expensive for a growing number of patients as well as business owners, despite subsidized health premiums for many under the Affordable Care Act. On top of double-digit premium increases in many health plans for 2016, many consumers are facing annual out-of-pocket expenditures of over $6,000 per person and over $13,000 per family. Often, these costs are front-loaded in the first few months of the year.

Managing the increasingly complex array of health insurance plans has also become a growing headache for physician practices.

In the face of these issues, a growing number of physicians are turning to an alternative called direct primary care (commonly abbreviated to DPC). While the models vary, the basic concept is that most Direct Primary Care practices charge business owners and/or patients a set monthly fee to provide all or most primary care services, as well as health maintenance and wellness services. Some practices include basic lab work, X-rays, EKGs, and basic procedures such as mole removals as part of this fee. Others have negotiated discounted rates with area providers for certain services, such as imaging. And many also provide health coaches or care coordinators, making them akin to patient centered medical homes (PCMHs).

Read full article here from Chesapeake Physician


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