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American Students: Smartphone Experts Who Struggle in Reading and Math

American teens’ increasing access to smartphones is driving a meteoric rise in their entertainment tech use. The recently released Common Sense media report shows that teens now spend an incredible 6 hours and 40 minutes each day using video games, online videos, social media, and other screen self-amusements. Not counted in this total is the tremendous amount of time teens spend texting and talking on their phones. As our adolescents’ lives become increasingly dominated by digital entertainment, what are the consequences?

An answer is found in another recently released report on U.S. teens: the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the Nation’s Report Card. This study reveals that 8th grade students’ scores in reading and math dropped from the last time they were measured in 2013. A disturbing two-thirds of American 8th graders now score “below proficient” in reading, and this same percentage of students score “below proficient” in math.

Even before this recent drop, American students were struggling against their global competition. The latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores from 2012 show that American 15-year-olds rank 30th in math, 23rd in science, and 20th in reading compared to students from other countries that took the exam. This should be cause for alarm, as American schoolchildren must now compete with students from around the world for college admission and jobs.

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