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WSSC Significantly Increases Spending with Minority and Women Business Enterprises

Contract Payments Equal $134.4 Million in FY15



Jim Neustadt



LAUREL, MD – November 2, 2015: WSSC’s spending with Minority and Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE) increased significantly in Fiscal Year 2015, continuing a positive trend in WSSC’s efforts to ensure that all segments of the local business community have a reasonable and significant opportunity to participate in WSSC contracting.

In FY15, WSSC increased the amount of money paid to M/WBE firms to $134.4 million. This is 25 percent of the overall amount paid to vendors ($542.7 million) in FY15 and represents an increase of 34.5 percent over FY14 figures. In addition, WSSC awarded $187.9 million in contracts to M/WBE firms out of a total of $674.3 million in FY15, or 28 percent–a 5 percent increase over FY14.

This information is included in the FY15 Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise Performance Results Report, which WSSC is required to submit annually to the Maryland General Assembly. The Report, which was released to legislators on Friday, can be accessed on the WSSC website: http://www.wsscwater.com/legreport/.

“I am very proud of the ongoing transformation brought about by our Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise Office,” said WSSC GM/CEO Jerry N. Johnson. “Over the last 10 years, WSSC has awarded more than $1 billion to minority- and women-owned businesses, as well as local firms. These efforts are spurring job creation, developing the capacity of these businesses to grow, investing in the local economy and exhibiting a strong commitment to our community.”

The MBE program is predicated on a disparity study conducted every five years, which assesses WSSC’s procurement activity with M/WBE firms. The last study was conducted in 2010 and a new study is now underway.  In order to complete the 2015 Disparity Study, WSSC has contracted with MGT of America, Inc. The results and a final report will be completed by the end of FY16.


About WSSC: Established in 1918, today the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission is among the largest water and wastewater utilities in the nation, with a network of nearly 5,600 miles of freshwater pipeline and more than 5,400 miles of sewer pipeline. Serving 1.8 million residents in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, WSSC drinking water has always met or exceeded federal standards.



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