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Terry Clower, BWCC Economic Forecast Luncheon Speaker, Replaces George Mason University’s Stephen Fuller

A changing of the guard among D.C.’s regional economic experts
August 28
For the last two decades, Stephen S. Fuller has run George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis, a research operation that has differentiated itself by staying hyper-local.

Where most economists track things such as Gross Domestic Product growth or foreign capital flows, Fuller concerns himself with the intricacies of Fairfax County’s real estate market or minute changes in the types of jobs being created in suburban Maryland.

This has earned him an attribution in nearly every article about the D.C.-area economy over the past two decades. At one point, his voice became so ubiquitous that Washington Post reporters were discouraged from quoting him, in hopes that they would find fresh analysts.

Today, Fuller resides in a state of semi-retirement, and he is finally passing the torch. He can still spit out obscure regional development statistics from memory, but lately he is more likely to take reporters’ calls from his sailboat. And on Monday, the university announced his retirement from the directorship.

His replacement is Terry Clower, a transportation wonk from Texas with a background in logistics management.

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