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BWCC Joins with Other Chambers/Business Groups to Host Breakfast with Anne Arundel Executive Schuh


The Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber joined with other business organizations serving Anne Arundel County to host County Executive Schuh for a breakfast meeting.

County Executive Schuh provide a five point outline for the audience, which involve:

1.       One Tax or Fee reduced each year over the next four years

2.       Focus on Education, and reducing the size of high schools, some of which now exceed 3,000 students. He advocated for a long term plan to get high schools down to an average of 1,000 students. No new school has been built in the County since 1982.

3.       Focus on Public Safety:  There are 20 confirmed gangs in the County and one heroin overdose each day, with 53 overdose deaths last year, one of the highest averages in the State.

4.       Reform county government:  Schuh has called for an outside consultant to study all aspects of government, determining over the next 15 months how things can be done more efficiently and less expensively.

5.       Be a Steward of the Chesapeake Bay:  There are 300 stormwater projects totaling $70 million that are programmed for the County, all of which will help clean stormwater water before it enters the Bay.

Schuh’s budget  for the next fiscal year will propose a $19M tax cut through a proposed 3% reduction on the property tax rate.  He is also advocating extending the County’s general obligation bonds from 20 years to 30 years, which will provide an additional $125-145 Million dollars.



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