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Rain Tax Bill Hearing to Discuss Repeal of Mandated Fees

A Maryland House of Delegates Committee has scheduled a hearing Wednesday on a bill which would repeal mandated storm water management fees imposed on homeowners and businesses in Baltimore City and nine Maryland counties. A bill sponsored by Governor Larry Hogan, which would have fully repealed the fees that critics nicknamed the “rain tax,” has been defeated in a House committee. But the Maryland Senate has approved a compromise bill, which abolishes the fees but still requires local subdivisions to show they have properly funded storm water projects. Delegate Kumar Barve, who is chairman of the House Environment and Transportation Committee, says, “It’s a very complex bill, they put a lot of work into this, we take the position seriously. We believe it needs some refinements and improvements and we now have basically put aside most of our resources to really look at this in a careful manner.”

Read More at: http://www.foxbaltimore.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/109562-Rain-Tax-Bill-Hearing-to-Discuss-Repeal-of-Mandated-Fees.shtml#.VR3TF-Eytaa


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