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Not Your Average Dust Bin Report: The Augustine Commission on Maryland’s Business Climate

Having heard enough about Maryland’s business climate last March, our Speaker of the House and Senate President tasked Norm Augustine, the retired Chair of Lockheed, to lead a Commission to evaluate Maryland’s business climate. The politics regarding the timing of pushing for such a study aside (remember who they expected to win and deliver the Report to…) the Commission embraced their mandate and produced a thoughtful analysis of Maryland’s business strengths and weaknesses. And amazingly, their report is on the verge of avoiding irrelevance as Maryland appears to be on the cusp of approving some promising legislation resulting from their efforts, but more on that next week. First to what the Report says.

Who’s the Customer? They didn’t even bother to hold their punch. On the initial pages of the report, the Commission says “our principal finding is that Maryland has not nearly reached its potential in growing business and creating jobs.” They proceed to list all our leading rankings for high tech and research, our high median income and advanced degrees. Don’t yawn. Then they drill to the core of our problem, “perhaps the most important single recommendation is to fundamentally change the attitude perceived to be held by many State agencies and employees that they have no responsibility to assist in economic development, business growth, or job creation.” This doesn’t require more money, “but entails a major management commitment, particularly given the difficulty of changing entrenched cultures.” Timing is everything. If you are a business person, given the tenor of this report, run the film of which desk you would like to hear the landing “thump”, Anthony Brown or Larry Hogan. And by the way, the findings of the Commission were unanimous.

– See more at: http://baltimore.citybizlist.com/article/247947/not-your-average-dust-bin-report-the-augustine-commission-on-marylands-business-climate#sthash.hFp4MloH.dpuf


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