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Mileah Kromer: The Way It Always Was and Other Resident Reflections on Letting Summer Be Summer

By: Mileah Kromer

Last fall, the Goucher Poll found that 71% of Maryland residents supported an after-Labor Day start date for Maryland schools. Our new poll shows Marylanders have not changed their opinions on the proposition-turned-introduced-legislation (SB 455), colloquially known as “Let Summer Be Summer”—72% of residents say they support Comptroller Peter Franchot’s push for the post-Labor Day start. The results of our last two surveys provide an indication of what Marylanders think, but our most recent survey also sheds light on why they think it. On our current survey, we asked residents to tell us why they supported or opposed the initiative; a summary of the results are found below:

Next, as you may have heard, there is a proposal to move the official start date of Maryland public schools to after Labor Day weekend. Do you [support or oppose] this proposal?

  • * Oppose: 19%
  • * Support: 72%
  • * Don’t Know/Refused: 9%

Read full article here from Center Maryland


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