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Why Business Travel Is Never Going to Be the Same After 2015

Get ready for these five ways that business travel is going to change–forever.

I predict that 2015 is the year big data will revolutionize the way we conduct business in the world of corporate travel.

While every reservation–from airline to hotel to car to train–has always (and necessarily) left a data trail, the increasing use of smartphones and widespread availability of Wi-Fi has brought with it an avalanche of data in the form of online reviews, social media “check-ins,” and website tracking, to name just a few sources.

Furthermore, as technological horizons widen, so do traveler needs and expectations. As analytic capabilities and travel-related technology continue to improve, we have a remarkable opportunity to enhance both the travel experience and the tools that make it possible. A new landscape for the modern road warrior is beginning to emerge.

Here are five glimpses into what the future looks like:

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