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UPDATE: Full $40.4 billion budget now out; Hogan released half of budget with sketchy details

By Len LazarickLen@MarylandReporter.com

Newly sworn in Gov. Larry Hogan released about half the state budget Thursday, the $16.4 billion general fund budget — spending funded by sales, income, and corporate taxes and gambling.

The budget reduces $766 million in planned spending increases, with health care providers, state employees and aid to education taking the biggest hits.

State workers will get no cost-of-living or merit raises, saving $156 million, but none will be laid off. Provider reimbursement for health and disabilities will go back to 2014 levels, saving $160 million. All state agencies will be cut by 2% across the board, saving $118 million, similar to action O’Malley took Jan. 7.

Details were fairly sketchy, including the amount of total state spending, which comes to about $39 billion this year. The five budget books with over 3,000 pages of spending details won’t be available until Friday.

– See more at: http://marylandreporter.com/2015/01/22/hogan-releases-half-of-budget-with-sketchy-details/#sthash.BwDFyqpf.dpuf


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