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BWCC Member Tom Burtzlaff of CMIT Solutions provides a look at the TOP 10 TECH TRENDS FOR 2015…and maybe you will find them of interest…and helpful to your business.

The New Year is upon us, which means we all get a fresh opportunity to consider what’s important for the next 12 months. In the small to medium-sized business world, technology routinely tops that list — you can’t work well without technology, and technology that doesn’t work well will only hold you back. So while countless experts have revealed their lists of the biggest technology trends to come in 2015, we compiled our own top 10 for small and medium-sized business success in 2015.

1. Data security. In 2014, it seemed like a devastating new virus, hack, or data breach was revealed every week. The only upside of “the year of the breach”? That more people… [Click here to read more]

2. An increased shift to mobility. Businesses continue to implement mobile solutions — smartphones, tablets, hybrid devices — for their employees. Even the mobile industry itself is changing… [Click here to read more]

3. An increased move to the cloud. Mobile solutions are possible because of cloud computing; cloud computing continues to grow because business owners and employees demand increased mobility. As the cloud becomes more pervasive… [Click here to read more]

4. 3D printing. As the cost of 3D printing plummets, use of this viable and cost-effective method of creating new objects increases. 3D printing innovations are still most evident in industrial… [Click here to read more]

5. People-powered apps. You’ve probably heard of Uber, the rapidly car service that allows you to secure a ride with a tap of your phone. Less well-known but on the rise are other apps that allow you to get groceries delivered… [Click here to read more]

6. The resurgence of Microsoft Windows. Although Windows 8 and 8.1 haven’t quite reached the widespread ubiquity of earlier versions of Microsoft’s flagship operating system, Windows 10 promises a better balance between traditional desktop and touch interfaces… [Click here to read more]

7. Streaming television. We don’t spend all our waking hours in the office, right? And for many of us, television represents the preferred nightly mode of relaxation. Far cheaper and more flexible options… [Click here to read more]

8. Updated payment options. A string of 2014 products like Apple Pay and CurrentC stand to radically change the retail payment environment. And by October 2015, all credit cards will be required… [Click here to read more]

9. Health tracking technology. If it feels like everyone you know has a FitBit, FuelBand, or Jawbone Up, well, it’s because they probably do. Wearable technology went from the realm of the fantastic to the everyday in 2014… [Click here to read more]

10. The Internet of Things. It isn’t just our wearable technology that’s becoming more interconnected — it’s the everyday objects around us like thermostats, lights, and appliances that are increasingly unified… [Click here to read more]

Which is where the expertise of CMIT Solutions comes in. Don’t dive headlong into 2015 without a technology advisor you can trust by your side. Let us help you with the ins and outs of IT so that you can focus on growing your business and providing excellent service to your clients in the New Year.

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