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Terrapin Adventures Welcomes 100,000th Guest

Matt Baker, Chief Adventure Officer at Terrapin Adventures welcomed Katie Miller as their 100,000th guest since TA opened in April 2009.  When no one thought he would succeed, Baker marched on and proved them wrong.  It took a lot of hard work to get those 100,000 guests to walk through the door.

When Terrapin Adventures opened it was the first of its kind on the East Coast. It is still one of the few Challenge Courses offering serious indoor and outdoor team building to groups.  Team Building guests run the gamete from the over 100 corporations it has helped to sports teams, school field trips, and scout troops. The rest of their business comes from parties, local tours and trips & recreation guests that just want to try something new; laugh the day away and challenge themselves.

According to Baker, “We offer the most creative and engaging team building programs in the area.  Groups come from all over the region with all kinds of issues and they leave having forged improved relationships with their co-workers, classmates, and peers. We develop customized programs that are inclusive and meaningful using the industry standard of “Challenge by Choice” so everyone can participate at the level they are comfortable with.”

Katie and her friend Andrew came simply for a day of fun. They tackled the High Ropes Course and Giant Swing on a brisk but pleasant day. Katie received a Take the Challenge t-shirt, water bottle, carabineer, a feeling of accomplishment and this 15 seconds of fame.

Terrapin Adventures is open all year round for team building or recreation and offers 10-15 tours a month like caving, geocaching, kayaking, biking, backpacking, camp, school’s out and plenty of events for local charities. For more information visit www.TerrapinAdventures.com <http://www.terrapinadventures.com/>  or call 301 725-1313.


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