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BWCC Board Meeting at Nestle Dreyers Grand Ice Cream Plant

The BWCC Board recently met for its December meeting at the second largest ice cream plant in the world, Nestle Dreyers Grand Ice Cream Plant on Whiskey Bottom Road in Howard County.  Our host was General Manager, Jamie Music , who with Operations Manager Bill Woods briefed the Board and following the chamber conducting its business, guided two groups of directors through the massive facility, including a “testing” of more than 20 different flavors and products of ice cream and related snacks.  Some 123 SKUs are produced on 13 production lines at the Laurel facility.

The plant boasts an area of 705,000ft² (bigger than 14 American football fields) on a 50-acre site and can store enough milk to fill ten Olympic-size swimming pools. The facility has  a -20ºF ice-cream curing facility that can hold up to 23,000 pallets of ice-cream and frozen snacks, and a 23-door distribution center which sends trucks from Maine to Florida and to the mid-West.  Music explained that the Laurel plant is ideally situated, as it can reach 37% of the U.S. population which has 40% of the Nation’s net income and consumes about 42% of all ice cream eaten in America.

The more than 800 employees come from West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania, with 55% coming  from Maryland’s Baltimore suburbs.  The starting salary at the plant is $18-$24 per hour.

Maryland boasts this magnificent plant, but also holds claim to another first.  No less a source than Colonial Williamsburg reports:  “The first known instance of ice cream being served occurred in Maryland in 1744, when Governor Thomas Bladen put it on his dessert table. It was May, and the sight of something frozen to eat in the warm months astonished the guests. One of them, William Black of Virginia, wrote of it in a letter, which survives. Black mentions ‘a Dessert no less curious: Among the Rarities of which it was Composed, was some fine Ice Cream which, with the Strawberries and Milk, eat most Deliciously.’”

Jamie Music Briefs Board

Nestlé Dreyers General Manager Jamie Music briefs the BWCC Board

Bill Woods Ops Mgr

Bill Woods, Operations Manager for the plant shares facets of the huge facility

Board in Clean Suits at Nestle Dreyers

The Board dons protective gear to make certain a clean environment is preserved, with hair and beard nets, lab coats and booties.

DIBS on Production Line

Yum! DIBS on the production line…

Susan Edmondson Briefs Board members

Susan Edmondson is an engineer with two advanced degrees. Her work involves new flavors and concepts for production.

Ice Cream Ready to Taste

Our tour guides provided a wonderful assortment of product to taste!



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