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The Secrets To Successful Networking From The Most Connected Women

Ten successful women share how they’ve mastered the art of meaningful networking.

Until the age of 40, Judy Robinett thought she was shy. As a result, she’d go to corporate events and stand in a corner because she felt awkward around others. At some point in her career, the management consultant realized she wasn’t getting anywhere by keeping her head down and working hard. She needed to make useful connections.

Today, the author of How to Be a Power Connector describes herself as a “raging extrovert.”

Most people know 632 other people, says Robinett, yet we go to networking events thinking that there’s only one person who can help us. The reality is, we don’t know who everyone else knows. Our best bet is to have genuine, useful relationships with as many people as possible.

Read full article here from Fast Company



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