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Winners and losers from 2014 election


1. Republicans: Won the governorship, nine legislative seats, four county executives and a mandate.

2. Governor Chris Christie: Took special interest in defeating O’Malley’s protege, Anthony Brown, after suffering years of O’Malley’s attacks. Paybacks are hell.

3. Peter Franchot: Can say to Dems, “I told you so.” Fiscal conservative, social liberal best attuned to voter’s mood.

4. Roads, Bridges and Metro Capital Replacement Costs. Gov. Hogan’s transportation priorities.

5. Maryland Taxpayers: Thanks to Hogan, no new taxes for next four years.

6. Public Campaign Finance: Hogan chose public financing and won. Will others follow?

7. Jaymi Sterling: Hogan’s 34-year-old daughter starred in TV ad that completely defused Dem’s “War on Women” attack ads.

Read full article here from Gazette.net


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