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Enter Hogan

Listen closely, and one can almost hear the tooth-gnashing and hand-wringing of Montgomery County’s largely Democratic electorate at the thought of a Republican occupying Government House in January. Gov.-elect Larry Hogan is anathema to county Democrats: A Republican hell-bent on cutting taxes, which will mean less government revenue, and by definition, fewer government services. But such consternation is premature. Yes, he wants to cut taxes, but there’s no sign Hogan is a tea party conservative straight out of Central Casting, who wants to shut down government.

Yes, he wants to end the “rain tax.” But he also told Gazette editors that he wants to replace Maryland’s funding of environmental programs, money that was raided in recent years to balance budgets. That doesn’t sound like the kind of Republican who wants to choke the life out of state government.

And some Democrats are already preparing their coulda, woulda, shoulda statements. Here’s what County Council President Craig L. Rice told The Gazette’s Kate Alexander: “There are going to be a number of Montgomery County priorities I think, in the next four years, that will be put on the backburner.”

Read full article here from Gazette.net


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