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On Leadership: Making the New Economy Less Flat

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how some regions are changing their playbook to lure away promising tech companies. I highlighted one Baltimore based company who received incentives to relocate to San Francisco, Boulder and New Orleans. This company’s dilemma shows how the game has changed on what it’s going to take to compete in the knowledge-driven economy. It’s a cautionary note for Baltimore. But this column isn’t rehashing that company’s journey. It’s a tale about another promising company and another take on complexity of this New Economy landscape.

Time Kills. While I mentioned the new incentives used by communities such as New Orleans to ensure that a company grows (and stays) there, one of the frustrations of last month’s CEO was how fast these other regions moved in comparison to ours.Regions that dither lose out, as these companies need funding, talent and support fast. They can’t afford to stand in line, particularly when others are quickly figuring out who they want and are pulling them off some other region’s wait list.

– See more at: http://baltimore.citybizlist.com/article/204284/on-leadership-making-the-new-economy-less-flat#sthash.NT3JwZ9W.dpuf


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