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Tracking the “Career” in College and Career Ready

Crossposted from the U.S. Chamber Foundation blog.

As I mentioned last week, I have been working with the US Chamber of Commerce collecting statistics on the performance of the American education system for the forthcoming publication Leaders and Laggards. (FYI, the event page for the launch of the report is here. Come join us, it’ll be a great time!)

Given that Leaders and Laggards is generally geared toward a business audience, and that one of the most popular reforms of the moment (the Common Core standards) claim “College and Career Readiness” as their ultimate goal, I thought that finding some information about the career preparedness of American students would be interesting.

If you’re looking for data on college preparedness, the education world is lousy with it. ACT/SAT scores, remediation rates, AP scores, graduation rates, it’s all there for your perusal. But, if you’re looking for the career bit of “College and Career” you’re out of luck. Quite frankly, there is a dearth of information available on how well our schools prepare students for careers.

Read full article here US Chamber of Commerce


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