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NGA’s map to put a world of geospatial intell in one place

By 2018, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency envisions a seamless, dynamic Map of the World (MoW) that enables users across the Intelligence Community to visualize and access integrated intelligence content fixed to accurate and authoritative geographic features on Earth.

Through the integration of GEOINT, navigation datasets, imagery and intelligence, this unified, online, geospatial, temporal and relational view of the world will provide a common frame of reference throughout the IC, bringing together multiple sources of information on any object of interest, delivered across multiple security domains and on multiple devices. NGA’s MoW is to serve as the foundation for multi-intelligence integration—the “geospatial bedrock” for all intelligence, information and knowledge—that can be customized by users as needed. It’s a big piece of the IC’s Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise plan for cloud-based information sharing across its 17 agencies.

The NGA 2018 Future State Vision, which describes the agency’s strategic direction over the next few years, calls for a MoW that displays “not only NGA-generated data” but also data generated by the Defense Department, the IC and America’s allies. The data will be metadata-tagged and easily accessible, resulting in accurate content and insight that users require on a global basis for situational awareness and mission planning.

Read full article here from Defense Systems


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