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In drone wars, dogfights won’t be in the air but in the spectrum

By David C. Walsh

Like other senior officers in kindred offices in the Defense Department, Col. Jim Ekvall, who heads up the Army’s Electronic Warfare Division, is concerned with how to answer the looming threat of enemy UAVs to U.S. and allied unmanned fleets.

The timing is ripe. It’s clear America’s nemeses are growing technologically adept—case in point: Iran’s apparent “re-direct” or forcing down of a U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel in 2011. Moreover, the world trade in robotic aircraft and technology is gigantic and barely controlled. So prepping for anti-drone combat—“drone wars” as some call the prospect—is important.

The overarching construct is called Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems, or C-UAS. One EW niche witnessing a surge is Ekvall’s special bailiwick: electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO).

Read full article here from Defense Systems


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