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BBI Brown Bag Subcommittee – Free Government Training Workshop




“Government Contracting  and Business Management Training Workshops” 


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Thursday, August 21st



(Networking & Continental Breakfast 8:00AM-8:45AM)


Holiday Inn Columbia East – Jessup

(BBI Host Sponsor)

7900 Washington Blvd, Jessup, MD 20794




Welcome All Businesses | Registration required.

Lunch on Your Own: 

Support BBI Host Sponsor and enjoy full lunch menu & buffet at

Holiday Inn Columbia East – Jessup Restaurant, Spurrier’s 

 Workshop Descriptions:

BBI Regional Leaders offering Free Training & Supporting small business growth… 

4 Step Process for Cyber Defense Business Development (9:00am)

Darnell Lynn | Strategic BD Manager | Bastion Atlantic, LLC

This workshop is designed to provide a practical understanding of the Federal Acquisition Process and how small businesses can position themselves for success with the Department of Defense. Mr. Lynn outlines 4 effective steps that work and discusses: What portion of the government funding is set aside for small business. Why it takes so long for a contract to be awarded! Main players to network within the Intelligent Community (IC). The Congressional Continual Resolution (CR) and how it affects the acquisition process. Why most contracts are awarded to large businesses? Are larger companies more network savvy when it comes to navigating the acquisition process than the small business owner?

Employee Investments Now = Increased Value for Exit Strategies Later (10:05am)

Donna Hughes | Insperity | www.insperity.com/Donna.Hughes

Lorette Farris | iBoss.com, Inc | http://www.ibossinc.com

This workshop will assist small business owners to answer a few questions: Wouldn’t it be phenomenal to have the entire company in harmony with the company culture and mission? Do you know how to leverage your human resources along with earnings and market positioning for a successful exit strategy? How do you make your business more attractive to investors? Donna and Lorette will show you how Employee engagement occurs when the goals of the business are aligned with the employee’s goals and how the employee spends his or her time; Your company can grow in size and revenue by the impact of engaged employees; Arm employees with the information that they need to understand how what they do at work every day affects the company’s business goals and priorities; Develop a strong exit strategy whether merger, acquisition or private equity buyout; Know how to position the human capital you’ve built to leverage the exit you require.


Project Management 101 for Small Businesses (11:10am

Gerald J. Leonard |CEO| Principles of Execution | http://www.principlesofexecution.com

This workshop is designed to provide companies of all sizes, with the Programs and Projects vehicles to execute their strategic goals and objectives. During this presentation you will learn the six basic building blocks to execute projects consistently and effectively within the constraints of your limited resources. Learning, implementing and practicing these principles on every project will enable your organization to do more with less, while obtaining and creating strategic value for your clients, partners and employees.


General Business Strategies, “Strategic Planning” (1:30pm)

David Sherry | CEO | General Business Strategies |  www.genbiz1.com

This workshop will show small business owners the key attributes and benefits of the strategic planning process to drive business growth and organizational success. Many small businesses interested in winning Federal government contracts are often unsuccessful because they fail to execute a strategy that is focused and targeted. Implementing a strategic planning process with realistic and achievable goals is foundational to organizational success. However, many companies go through an annual planning process, only to place the resulting plan on the shelf rather than establishing a living plan that informs daily decisions making. When approached with the right goal in mind, formal planning need not be a waste of time and can, in fact, be a real source of competitive advantage. Companies that achieved success use the strategic planning process not to merely generate strategic plans but as a learning tool for their management teams.


Method-Ologi – Understanding Innovation from Concept to Delivery (2:35pm)

Robert Wells II | President/CEO | Ologi, LLC |  http://www.ologidesigns.com 

This workshop is designed to assist Business Leaders with staying competitive in an evolving world requires an understanding of the art and science of innovation, outlining the essential elements a Leader must manage when sustaining innovation within small business. Rob will introduce his system, Method-Ologi, and show you how to create an environment that supports steady revenue growth by empowering your team to start everyday empowered in a culture of innovation; Develop your people from the top to the bottom, into INNOVALOGIST by adopting Rob’s Method-Ologi and the four Ologi modules: Ideaologi; Innovologi; Creatologi and Brandologi as your corporate standard of operations (SOP).


Government Contracting: Marketing Intelligence: Pipeline, Agencies (3:40pm)

Kim Harwell | National Procurement Manager | GovPurchase | www.govpurchase.com

This workshop is designed to connect the age of cloud computing and online government contracting business. In this age of cloud computing, more government contracting business is being done online. Yet most businesses are not equipped with the proper tools or techniques to maximize the advantage the internet provides to small and large businesses. This session will better prepare the potential or current government contractor on how to use online tools and techniques to increase their business immediately. Learn how to locate relevant, targeted, open solicitations without having to wade through the mire of opportunities that do not match core capabilities.

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