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The City Of Laurel Purchases 312 Main Street

On July 22, 2014 the City of Laurel Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) meeting in special session approved the purchase of 312 Main Street (formerly the Comedy Club).  This is the second parcel of land that the CRA has purchased on Main Street.  The CRA purchased 378 Main Street in May of 2013 which is used for public purposes such as the Thursday Farmers Market.

The purpose of the CRA is to revitalize identified areas within the City in order to upgrade existing neighborhoods and provide for a balanced economy with a mix of office, retail, and industrial uses in order to insure continued fiscal well-being and provide employment opportunities for City residents.  In accordance with the CRA Urban Redevelopment Plan the Main Street area is the initial focus of the CRA redevelopment efforts.  The proposed use and disposition of 312 Main Street property will be determined by the CRA in the future in keeping with the Urban Redevelopment Plan.

For additional information regarding the CRA, please contact Jack Brock, Deputy Director, Department of Community Planning and Business Services, 301-725-5300, Ext. 2313.



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