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Budget stalemate persists as Senate and House fail to compromise

From MarylandReporter.com

House Speaker Michael Busch talks to reporters Monday afternoon.

It’s called Sine Die — without a day — but it actually might be doomsday, with budget cuts substituting for the tax hikes House and Senate refuse to agree on.

With the end of the legislative session 10 hours away, members of the Senate and House of Delegates met again and decided not to compromise.

“We’re kind of as far along as we can get,” Warren Deschenaux, the legislature’s fiscal chief,
told the conferees. Both chambers had already passed a budget that included cuts that would happen only if they failed to agree on revenues.

Frustration seems rampant in both chambers as the deadline approaches. Before the Senate broke for lunch on Monday, Senate President Mike Miller said differences between the two bodies were a “question of philosophies, not personalities.”

Members of the Senate have expressed discontent at the unwillingness of members of the House to meet the Senate halfway on various revenue issues.

Read more: http://marylandreporter.com/2012/04/09/budget-stalemate-persists-as-senate-and-house-fail-to-compromise/#ixzz1rZueXyRC
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