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CSX deal to build railroad intermodal facility in city scrapped by state

Joanna Sullivan Editor-in-Chief- Baltimore Business Journal The Port of Baltimore’s hopes for a site that would have allowed double-stacked containers to leave the city by rail without having to travel through the too-low Howard Street tunnel were dashed with the state’s decision to scrap a deal for CSX Transportation Inc. to build an intermodal facility […]

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These Are The 10 Best Suburbs for Education In America

Today at the Movoto Real Estate Blog, we’re speaking to the moms and dads out there who live in the suburbs and are just looking for the best places to educate their kids—no admittance board required. Out of all of the places we looked at, Newton, MA came out on top. But it certainly wasn’t […]

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Snake Eyes: Casino Growth and Declining Gambling Revenues

Later this month, a fifth casino will open its doors in Maryland, and in about two years, a sixth casino will open its doors. My question is this: Is there a sufficient consumer base to support this growth, or are the new casinos cannibalizing revenues in Maryland and the surrounding states in the region (New […]

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Dan Snyder says he’s ‘started the process’ of planning a new stadium

Drew Hansen Digital Producer- Washington Business Journal Washington NFL team owner Dan Snyder says he has started the process of planning a new stadium. In a sit-down Wednesday with Comcast SportsNet, Snyder says the team has started meeting with architectural firms to develop a long-term plan for a new stadium. He said some preliminary drawings […]

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Templates And Hints For The Perfect Email For Almost Every Situation

By Kevan Lee Have you ever received an amazing email, one that you’d like to print out and pin to your wall, one that made you grin from ear to ear or slow-clap in appreciation and reverence? When I come across these gems, I drop them into a “Snippets” folder. I study them, I swoon […]

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6 Ways Leaders Unknowingly Undervalue Their Employees

Leaders often find themselves getting lost within the growing demands of the workplace and losing sight of what matters most to their employees. As such, they fail to realize the negative repercussions that the lack of strategic focus can have on their ability to deepen relationships with employees, which is important to understanding their specific […]

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Report claims more FBI staff lives in Md. than in Va.

A central tussle  in the tug-of-war between Maryland and Virginia officials over where to relocate the FBI headquarters is where members of the FBI headquarters staff actually live. The FBI has largely been mum on the issue, allowing the General Services Administration, which manages real estate for the federal government, to conduct a search for a new […]

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MGM/WT Outreach Session #2-Community Organizations

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NGA’s map to put a world of geospatial intell in one place

By 2018, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency envisions a seamless, dynamic Map of the World (MoW) that enables users across the Intelligence Community to visualize and access integrated intelligence content fixed to accurate and authoritative geographic features on Earth. Through the integration of GEOINT, navigation datasets, imagery and intelligence, this unified, online, geospatial, temporal and relational […]

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How cloud is changing the spy game

The Intelligence Community, whose agencies have earned a reputation for a stovepiped, proprietary approach to information, is moving away from an agency-centric IT model to a shared-services model based on cloud computing. After years of foot-dragging, the IC is finally embracing the benefits of the cloud’s on-demand network access to a pool of configurable computing […]

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